Journal club meetings

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[18-02-2020] Taking climate model evaluation to the next level (Eyring et al. 2019)
Discussion led by: Pierre Le Bras

Past meetings


  • [17-09-2020]  Process-based climate model development harnessing machine learning: I. a calibration tool for parameterization improvement (Couvreux et al. 2020)
    Discussion led by: Redouane Lguensat
  • [16-07-2020] A deep learning approach to detecting volcano deformation from satellite imagery using synthetic datasets (Anantrasirichaia et al. 2019)
    Discussion led by: Sophie Giffard-Roisin
  • [18-06-2020] Up to two billion times acceleration of scientific simulations with deep neural architecture search (Kasim et al. 2020) Papers:
    Discussion led by: Julie Deshayes
  • [16-04-2020] Universal Differential Equations for Scientific Machine Learning (Rackauckas et al. 2020)
    Discussion led by: Redouane Lguensat
  • [19-03-2020] WeatherBench: A benchmark dataset for data-driven weather forecasting by S. Rasp, P.D. Dueben, S. Scher, J.A. Weyn, S. Mouatadid and N. Thuerey (2020)
    Discussion led by: Julien Le Sommer
  • [27-02-2020] Deep learning to infer eddy heat fluxes from sea surface height patterns of mesoscale turbulence (George et al. 2020)
    Discussion led by: Julie Deshayes

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