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Friday 3 December 2021 10:00 Anne-Laure Ligozat

Tuesday 19 October 2021 14:00 Freddy Bouchet¨
New ways for dynamical prediction of extreme heat waves: rare event simulations and machine learning with deep neural networks.

Friday 23 Juin 2021 15:00 Laure Zanna (remotely)
Climate Modeling in the Age of Machine Learning

Thursday 6 Mai 2021 14:00 Aida Alvera-Azcárate (remotely)
Filling gaps in ocean satellite data
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Friday 26 Mars 2021 (10:00) Pierre Tandeo (remotely)
Narrowing uncertainties of climate projections using data science tools
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Wednesday 10 Février 2021 (14:00) Sophie Giffard-Roisin (remotely)
Machine learning and natural hazards
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Next seminars in 2021
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Friday 4 Décembre 2020 (14:00 10:00) Jakob Runge (remotely)
Inferring causation from time series with perspectives in Earth system sciences
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14 Octobre 2020 (14:30) Sébastien Loustau
Power-efficient deep learning algorithms
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15 May 2020 (14:30) Pierre Tandeo (postponed)

25 March 2020 (10:00) Jakob Runge (postponed to 4 December)
Inferring causation from time series with perspectives in Earth system sciences

24 January 2020 (14:30) Eniko Szekely
A direct approach to detection and attribution of climate change
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04 Decembre 2019 (10:30) Guillaume Charpiat
Deep Learning for Satellite Imagery: Semantic Segmentation, Non-Rigid Alignment, and Self-Denoising
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20 Septembre 2019 (14:00) Vivien Mallet
Prévision d’ensemble par apprentissage séquentiel en météorologie, et méta-modélisation en pollution urbaine
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15 May 2019 (10:30) Ronan Fablet
Learning & Dynamical Systems: application to ocean dynamics
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05 April 2019 (14:30) Mihai Datcu
Artificial Intelligence for Very High Resolution Earth Observation: Environment Monitoring

20/02/2019 V. Balaji
Machine learning and the post-Dennard era of climate simulation
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11/01/2019 Nicolas Thome
Deep Learning for Climate
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21/11/2018 Nicolas Bousquet
Modélisation d’incertitudes affectant les modèles numériques complexes
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05/10/2018 Balázs Kégl
Machine learning in scientific workflows
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25/05/2018 Patrick Gallinari
Deep‐Learning for Climate
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09/04/2018 Claire Monteleoni
Algorithms for Climate Informatics
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01/02/2018 Alexandre Stegner
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